My research will examine issues connected to stimulating conversation through visual arts-based approaches in the context of sharing of difficult experiences in a computer-mediated setting. The focus of my work is on visual representation of experiential knowledge. I am particularly interested in the juxtaposition and combination of participant-produced drawings and texts as a form of expression.

Thus, I investigate effects of different visual representations (textual and pictorial) on individual and dyadic reflection, facilitated through isolating, juxtaposing and combining artefacts as well as perspectives. Ultimately, these reflections are planned to take place in a co-present, computer-mediated setting using a shared online information space I will conceptualise, design and implement employing a User-centered/Participatory Design approach. This space shall serve to help participants share and reflect on their experiential knowledge as well as achieve mutual understanding.

A potential application area is collaboration in health care, i.e. exchange between different parties with different perspectives, for example between nurses & patients or between patients & their family. This connects my research, amongst others, to the field of Graphic Medicine.