I am a PhD student in Human-Computer Interaction. My work is supervised by Dr Leon Watts and Dr Hilary Johnson.

I want to see if and how visual communication, especially drawing, can help people share difficult experiences. I am interested in seeing how this could help stimulate individual and interpersonal reflection and discourse. And how it could help in creating a richer culture of everyday-life and academic exchange. I will explore this with the help of 'traditional' tools (paper and pen) as well as technology-based tools (tablet and stylus).

You can find out more in the Research section as well as in the Publications section. The Publications section also contains publications related to my pre-PhD work as well as other side-projects I am currently involved in. For example, I am involved in the 3DBI project of the Department of Psychology at the University of Bath. In this project we create an iPad app to help support the writing and delivery of Social Stories for children with autism.

I am interested in:

  • visual communication
  • visual arts-based methods (qualitative & mixed-methods research)
  • (visual) representation of knowledge, information and data
  • interaction & interactivity as well as communication theories
  • collaboration in virtual environments

as well as

  • digital games, virtual worlds, agents, avatars
  • identity, self, personality, emotions
  • human-robot interaction (social communication)
  • research ethics


  • comics, cartoons, graphic novels
  • graphic facilitation
  • graphic design
  • board & video games
  • arts & crafts
  • singing
  • yoga


My Scholarships & Awards


full Graduate School Scholarship (fee waiver), awarded by University of Bath


Public Engagement Grant, £500 grant for interdisciplinary public engagement arts-based research project conducted with primary school children, funded by the Public Engagement Unit, University of Bath


full graduate scholarship, awarded by Leonardo da Vinci EU programme


"Ehrenamtspreis" of the Student Council and Student Union, Ilmenau University of Technology, award for volunteer work in university politics, gender mainstreaming and help at Initiative Solidarische Welt Ilmenau e.V. (Initiative for World Solidarity Ilmenau)


full undergrad student scholarship, awarded by Leonardo da Vinci EU programme


What else have I done:

I am a Research Officer (programmer, designer and researcher) for the project "Developing and Delivering Digital Behavioural Interventions" . I have been involved with the project since 2015.

I organised our HCI group's research seminar. The seminar series is still ongoing and documented here.

I organised our department's PostGraduate research seminar.

I have been a reviewer for the British HCI conference 2014.

I have been a reviewer for the FDG conference 2014.

I was an invited speaker at "BathCamp - Death and Digital" at Bath Digital Festival 2014.

I was a research collaborator in Social Communication with Robots working with Dr Ute Leonards, Dr Alexander Lenz & Dr Nikolai Bode at the School of Experimental Psychology, University of Bristol & Bristol Robotics Lab, UK.

I was a research assistant in Open Innovation Exchange at Serious Games Institute, UK.

I was an undergrad & grad student assistant in Digital Games & Interactivity, Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology, Germany.

I hold a Diplom degree (integrated research-based Master of Science). My thesis was called "A Bottom-up Approach to Reveal a Mapping Between Personality Traits & Gameplaying Traces". It was supervised by Dr. Rainer Knauf & Dr Klaus P. Jantke, Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany.

I was an intern in Game Design and Implementation at the Trans-Reality Game Laboratory, Visby, Sweden.